Sound Familiar?

"I sometimes happily work on projects due next week thinking I am ahead of my game, while forgetting the mammoth job due this Friday."

"I only have a few minutes to respond to job requests from translation agencies - not enough time to really calculate whether it can really fit around my current committments."

"I need to take time off next week but have no idea whether I can still meet my deadlines."

"If I need to have Project A done by January 31st and Project B by February 12, what is the best way to work on both of them so that I am not behind on project A or pulling all-nighters to complete Project B at the end?"

With Pacemaker Planner, you can:
  1. Set Your Availability

    Configure your availability upfront. Tell us which days you normally work, when you'll be taking time off and the maximum amount of words you're willing to translate in any given day.
  2. Evaluate New Projects

    Check to see if new work can fit into your schedule. If it doesn't, we'll tell you if you can make it fit by moving other jobs around or by requesting a new deadline. With Pacemaker, you have everything you need to negotiate with your clients.
  3. Track Committed Work

    See All Your Projects in List, Graph and Calendar formats. Custom views are available by day, week and month so you can see at a glance what's up next.

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